Pre-Columbian Avian Axe God with Emeralds

Pre-Columbian Avian Axe God with Emeralds


Pre-Columbian Avian Axe God With Emeralds, Circa 500-800 A.D.

This Traditional Pre-Columbian Jade Avian Axe God from Nicoya Costa Rica is very Simple but Leaves a Lasting Impression. This Striking Ancient Pendant has Been Carved from Jadeite Jade, It Has Zoomorpohic Attributes and a Ceremonial Half-Back Ridge on the Backside. This Ancient Pendant Hangs From Gold Jump Rings and the Finest Emerald and Ruby Faceted Gemstones from Cambodia.

Necklace Length: 13” Necklace Weight: 146.5 cts

Necklace will come with Signature Hand Hammered Gold Clasp

Necklace will Include COA, Guaranteed to be Authentic

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