Pre-Columbian Gold and Spondylus

Pre-Columbian Gold and Spondylus


Pre-Columbian Gold and Spondylus Pendant Necklace, Circa 900 A.D.

This Stunning Necklace is Configured with the Finest Handmade Cambodian Graduated Faceted Rondelle Emeralds Ranging from 3-4.5MM. The Emerald Gemstones are complimented by a Spectacular Ancient Mayan Center Pendant that has been Formed out of Hand Hammered High Carat Sheet Gold with a Carved Spondylus Shell Tip. This Beautiful Gemstone Necklace is also accented with the Finest Faceted Hessonite Garnets

Necklace Length:11” Necklace Weight: 71 cts

Necklace comes with Signature Hand Hammered Gold Clasp

Necklace will also include a COA Guaranteed to be Authentic

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