Pre-Columbian Spondylus Pendant Necklace

Pre-Columbian Spondylus Pendant Necklace


Pre-Columbian Spondylus Pendant Necklace, Circa 500-800 A.D.

Superb Pre-Columbian Ancient Spondylus Pendant Necklace. This Large Over-Sized Statement Necklace is composed of Ancient Hand Carved Spondylus Beads and a Large Ancient Spondylus Center Pendant. The Spondylus Shell also Known as the Spiny Oyster was used in Ancient Cultures not only as Currency but as an Offering to Mother Earth..

Necklace Length: 13.5” Necklace Weight: 542 cts

Necklace will Come with Signature Hand Hammered Gold Clasp

Necklace will include COA, Guaranteed to be Authentic

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