Pre-Columbian Spondulys Pendant Necklace

Pre-Columbian Spondulys Pendant Necklace


Pre-Columbian Spondylus Pendant Necklace, Circa 300-800 A.D. Central America

This Lovely Ancient Necklace is Compromised of 31 Large Spondylus Shell Spines. Between these beautiful Spines are Hand Carved Ancient Spondylus Shell Disc Beads. Many Scholars Believe that Ancient Spondylus Shell was used for Religious Ceremonies and that it was known as the “Food of the Gods “. The Spondylus Spikes Have Wonderful Patina and Small Traces of Mineral Deposits.

Necklace Length:10.5” Necklace Weight:318.5 cts

Necklace will come with Signature Gold Hand Hammered Clasp

Necklace will Include COA, Guaranteed to Be Authentic

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