Pre-Columbian Panamanian Gold Bell Pendant

Pre-Columbian Panamanian Gold Bell Pendant


Pre-Columbian Panamaniam Gold Bell Pendant, Circa 700-1100 A.D.

This Stunning Necklace is Configured with the Finest Handmade Cambodian Graduated Faceted Rondelle Sapphires Ranging from 2-4.5MM. The Sapphire Gemstones are complimented by a Spectacular Ancient Panamanian Gold Bell Pendant Made from High Karat Gold. The Rare Gold Pendant is Flanked by Ancient Pre-Columbian Blue Jade Disc Beads from Nicoya Costa Rica. This Beautiful Gemstone Necklace is also accented with the Gold Tube Beads, White Diamond Beads and Faceted Emeralds Around the Neck.

Necklace will come with Signature Hand Hammered Gold Clasp

Necklace will include COA, Guaranteed to be Authentic

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